Our Coldpress Juices are juiced freshly in-house and bottled in 16 oz French glass bottles. We only use all natural and seasonal fruits, vegetables, and produce in our menu, and wherever possible we use both local and organic ingredients.

If you are thinking of getting serious with green juices this would be your beginners potion. It has all your essential greens and their benefits with a touch of sweet apple to soothe your palate into the world of greens that are filled with antioxidants and nutrients, like folate, carotenoids and chlorophyll that work collectively to help prevent cancerous tumor growth.

This is for the Intense, XL Health conscious person.  Concentrating all the Green leafs nutrients into a juice extract is extremely beneficial to the body for its alkalizing effect. Additionally it neutralizes toxins as well as supply an immediate transfusion of absorbable chlorophyll-rich phytonutrients to the cells and bloodstream.

The father of all coldpresses. The ultimate liver detoxifier, natural anti-inflammatory and cure-it-all… The glowing yellow color is due to the Turmeric that is known to boost brain-derived neurotrophic factors, linked to improved brain function. Along with cancer preventative Ginger, energy boosting Agave and a hint of Cayenne and its joint pain relief properties, you just can’t improve upon our Glow…

As we all know, there is no other food more refreshing than the king of all melons, the Water Melon. It contains 92% nutrition packed water that helps cleanse the kidney, hydrate your body and keep your skin and hair healthy. Add some cooling mint to aid your digestive system and you end up with the ultimate refreshing juice there is.

Simply revive and hydrate your body and soul after a hard workout at the gym with cold watermelon and added loads of electrolytes. Add some energizing lemon with the spicy cayenne and you have a natural substitute for Gatorade. Need not say more, “the taste of summer with a kick”.

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past century, there is no need to explain the benefits of OJ. But imagine an orange juice with double the vitamin C, A, D, B6 and a lot more. Now you have our Coldpress OJ that makes it possible to double down on the nutrients and vitamins in the humble orange. Feeling the flu coming on! Then it’s time for Seasons Orange.

The energy boost you need to hit the slopes, run a 10K marathon or ……. . Get the calories your body needs from a natural source like dates. Intake your trace minerals for maintaining bone and dental health with the almonds, and make your day jubilant with the pleasant taste of vanilla. All you need to do is grab our Power Blend.

You just can’t beat Beets; these ruby gems not only have the positive impact on your blood pressure but they also contain loads of alkaloids called betaine along with vitamin-B which delivers a one-two punch for reducing artery and heart disease. With the added carrots and lemon to cut down cholesterol levels and tasty apple to tie it all up. Your heartbeat will love our Beet It.

This would be your quintessential coldpress. Carrots are rich in beta-carotene that your eyes’ retina transforms to rhodopsin, a purple pigment necessary for good vision. Along with Ginger and its anti-oxidant properties they are a goldmine of dietary fiber for maintaining a healthy digestive system.

Apple being the mother of all fruits for a healthy body and mind, alongside pineapple with an overload of vitamin C essential in creating collagen for a speedy wound healing and mint to promote a healthy digestive track, this would be your doctor in a bottle. A joy a day keeps the doctor away!

Boost your immune system with pineapple.  Suppress cortisol production with ginger to lose that belly fat. Satisfy your thirst and hunger with apple at the same time promoting weight loss. Finally refresh your soul with cooling mint. The Genie will certainly grant all your wishes.

The ultimate cooler. Be rejuvenated and restore your essential body minerals that are lost to perspiration with this ancient 2500 year old Persian potion. Balance your body’s PH level and make your skin feel as soft and silky as a flower petal with the rose water and its anti-aging properties. This is The Healer.

Trap and flush out the toxins and chemicals before your body could reabsorb them with a potent natural treatment, which is activated charcoal, made from coconut shells. Then detoxify and dissolve the uric acid in your liver with fresh lemon. Add some natural organic agave for energy and you have a lemonade with extra cleansing powers, Seasons Black Lemonade.

With pomegranate being in the running for the most heart-healthy juice for it’s over abundant of antioxidants and apple for all its healthy, healing and revitalizing benefits, Ruby is definitely a gem in the juice world. Not to mention pomegranates positive effects on the libido and fertility.

Get your morning boost without acidifying your body. It takes 24 hours to make our cold brew coffee which is 60% less acidic then your regular cup of Joe.  Love the smooth taste without the heartburn. Your body will thank you later in the day. Trust!


Recover and detox with a powerful dose of nutrients with our fresh pressed wellness shots. Small in size, big in impact.

Tackle the bad bacteria while saving your healthy ones. Unlike modern medicine, you can achieve this with all-natural ingredients… Garlic has been known for its astonishing medicinal properties throughout history; add a potent dose of ginger and lemon for a surge of vitamin C and dry out the germs with the himalayan salt.

Feeling the sniffles? With a hefty amount of vitamin C from lemon and cayenne, added ginger to soothe your cough, and turmeric to reduce any inflammation you are sure to get rid of your flu blues.

Your natural alternative to energy drinks, our energy shot has the best in-house coldbrew coffee that is 60% less acidic, magnesium rich cacao for a healthy heart and brain, agave and cayenne for a boost of oomph. Tie it all together with coconut for added hydration.

Get your natural glow on with rose water. With Lemon and Orange, Intake the vitamins necessary for healthy skin. Hydrate and bring a healthy shine to your skin with soothing aloe vera. Rejuvenate and stop the aging of your skin with the omega-3 fatty acid in chia seeds.

There is a millennial old Persian saying that eating a lot of saffron can make you happy. There is a lot of truth to that as modern science has now unlocked the mood enhancing benefits of saffron. Get your natural-high on with the spice that is more expensive then gold.

Want to go green in a shot? Look no further than our Oxy Green. Let spirulina detox the heavy metals, especially arsenic, that your body has collected through the years. Boost your blood building and improve your red blood cells with chlorophyll. Refine your digestive track with peppermint for the ultimate green concoction.


Alkaline waters has a higher pH level than regular drinking water which can neutralize acid in your body and is rich in alkalizing compounds like calcium, potassium, and magnesium.


Come in and try a juice today!